The 2016 Harley-Davidson Line-Up

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

This is a chart of every single bike that the Harley-Davidson motor company has in current model year (2016) production. As you can see there are 41 different models. Three of the bikes are for police use only so if you exclude those then there are 38 available to the general public. There are ways, however, for civilians to get police bikes. The first Harley I owed was a FLHPE (police RoadKing) that I’ll make a future post on.

The three truly, new bikes this year were the Slim S, Fatboy S, and the Road Glide Ultra. There were also some nice “re-boots” with the popular Iron 883, Forty-Eight, and the Heritage Softail.

IMG_1659                             IMG_1656

You’ll also notice that there are only 3 CVO models this year. Historically speaking, Harley-Davidson has done 4 CVO models every year for the past 10 years or so. My speculation is that because of lack-luster CVO Softail sales they did away with that model in the lineup. Because very few people want to drop $29,000 on a Softail chassis bike the CVO Softail sales suffered. However, there are a lot of people that want the performance of the 110 Cubic Inch motor in a Softail. This, in my opinion, is why H-D created the “S” series bikes. You have the 110 CI motor in a Softail chassis without the huge price tag. You’re spending a little over $3,000 above the OEM version of the Slim or Fatboy to upgrade into the “S” Series. In addition to the 110 CI motor the bikes are completely “blacked-out” which is a nice cosmetic touch. You have all the engine components all black, the front forks – black, exhaust – black, slightly different brake rotors, etc. The over-all look of the “S” bikes is dang nice. For the extra premium of $3,000 you really do get the value for your money. You would be hard-pressed to do just the cosmetic upgrades for that price, let-alone the 110 inch motor. So these bikes got the majority of the buzz at  the 2016 model year dealer show in Las Vegas back in August of 2015.

IMG_1661                                                 IMG_1658

In 2014 there was no RoadGlide. Everyone was scared in 2013 because the rumors were rampant that the Road Glide would no longer be available. For this reason people were desperately snapping up 2013 Road Glides and dealers were getting a premium for them. Any clear-thinking, level-headed Harley enthusiast would know that the bike would be reintroduced better than before. In 2015 the Road Glide made a come back with a “Vengeance”. Of course it was just the Road Glide and the Road Glide Special. Any hardcore touring rider wouldn’t have their tour-pack on there unless they added it after the fact out of  the parts and accessory catalog. In 2016 H-D released the Road Glide Ultra. This actually would be a re-release because the bike ran from 2011-2013. The bike was also around “back in the day” before that. However, this is by far the best version of the FLTRU to ever hit the road. The bike got all of the Rushmore treatment. So it now has the twin-cooled heads, the upgraded shark nose fairing, the new 6.5 GT infotainment system, etc.

IMG_1664                                       IMG_1662